Bulk SMS Marketing

Most businesses these days are growing at an incomparable pace using the most advanced techniques like mobile phones or internet, and the technology of Bulk SMS can be considered as the most fruitful investment at a very low expense. There was a time when mobile phones were typically meant for calling purpose. But today the scene has changed drastically as they have now become an important marketing tool with a number of SMS solutions available to the user. In an era of tough competition one must be aware of Bulk SMS marketing and its aspects.

Today Bulk SMS marketing is the easiest and smartest means of promoting business and making the product details reach the clients and customers in no time. It is impossible to reach thousands of people and convince them individually about different products, thus this service plays an important role to reach out thousands of customers in a few minutes. Moreover it does not become a financial burden to hire the Bulk SMS providers for the job.

The market has seen considerable development in the field of this service and a number of firms today offer a great deal of SMS services. The service providers attract more and more users as they can push more than 25,000 SMS in less than a minute making the work of the producers crazily simple!. The general trend suggests that most people do not ignore the message, rather they give attention to it and mostly in a positive way which helps the producer to a greater extent.

Following are the main features of this marketing:-

  • Easiest means of promoting products
  • Targets a large number of customers
  • Takes only a few minutes and thus saves time
  • Cheaper than any other means of communication
  • All the logs, history, replies are well maintained for future use

Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS

  • Transactional SMS
  • Transactional SMS are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information, necessary for using your service/registration Alerts. You can send SMS to DND numbers with pre approved six characters sender ID. You can integrate this to your software/website using our API code

    There will be a six character sender ID.

    Will be delivered to DND numbers.

    24x7 delivery time

    100% delivery

  • Promotional SMS
  • The SMS solution enables business communication over the mobile, creates new customer touch points for company and client communication and provides a cost effective platform for interacting with a wider audience in a very short span of time. We can provide you with an integrated solution for sending SMS messages in bulk. We can provide you with a web-based SMS management system which is extremely intuitive and functional way to send individualized, bulk text messages.

    All India GSM and CDMA coverage. One of the best Bulk SMS Solutions.

    Send SMS with your Branded Sender ID from our Online Bulk SMS Program or SMS Excel Plugin.

    Instant delivery of messages and online delivery status report.

    Upload the number list from a text file or an excel sheet

    Manage users and groups

    Manage message templates. A very good feature for Bulk SMS promotions Campaigns.

    Schedule messages.

    A very good feature for SMS promotions Campaigns.

    Developer HTTP API (Can be used to integrate with your software applications).

    Easy to integrate and deploy. That's the power of our Bulk SMS solutions.

    Free Demo Account. This is the opportunity to test and try our bulk SMS program.

    24*7 Phone/Email Support.

    No set up costs and no hidden costs